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    Cause of bad PV servo motor?

    Is it just a wear item (ski 56 hrs, basically stock all it's life) or does a bad CDI cause it?

    After the ride home, i noticed the PV servo motor WHINING really loud, i had to disconnect the battery for it to stop.

    Just wanna make sure before i spend the $$ for another servo.

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    Open up the casing of the motor and look at the circuit board. You will notice corrosion/burn marks where the positive wire hooks to the board. Then you will notice the casing is NOT waterproof, and is the cause of the problem. If you plan on sticking with an electric motor, get a new/good one, and seal the two halves up with silicone. Then seal up the underside where the wires enter the casing. This will permanently fix the problem.

    Been there, done that about 5 times, and went gas valves.

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