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    Question 900zxi ignition box please help

    Will a 97 900zxi ignition box work on a 96 900 or a 99 1100zxi

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    96 900: yes
    99 1100: don't know

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    900 ecu on 1100?? yes will 'RUN"--- but run properly? NO. i suppose it mite be ok for the kids to play safely when they are learning to drive, really no midrange ability, its mild and kindof sluggish, runs either on or off above 1/2 throttle. the top end is minus about 10 mph. maybe make it to 50 mph - but still using same amount of fuel. took me almost a year - found this out the hard way, had been given an 1100 zxi with a 'new' cdi but didnt know it was from a 900---- even crossed the temp sender wires to make another degree or two advance, still not enough to make up the difference to the factory 1100 timing curve.
    check those ECU numbers - they'll get you everytime!

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