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Thread: SC oil ports

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    SC oil ports

    I'm in the process of overhauling a red super charger with the 2008 overhaul kit. The SC bearing casing area has no oil ports as shown in the instructions. It is also obvious there is no oil gallery present in the mounting boss of the assy gearbox.

    Do newer engines units have pressure fed SC bearings and if so does it make much difference?

    If this is the case and it does make a difference has anyone modified a gearbox to supply oil between the 2 big O-ring areas?

    The other thing being that isoflex (sp) grease is specified for the needle bearing supporting the SC gear, is there an alternative and more common acceptable lubricant or another trade name for the stuff? I'm thinking assembly fluid might do the trick for holding the needles in position and start up lube. Maybe lubriplate? I read that most guys just use clean oil-why would there be a clear warning against other stuff? The shit has to quickly fling out at rpm through the gear oil slots.

    As a point of interest this red (non-gearbox shimable) SC unit has close to 200 hours and the ceramic washers look like new. The smooth rotating angular contact bearings or the shaft fit to the bearings have slight radial play as a pre-dismantled inspection. The play does not change with axial loading in the direction of the normal impeller thrust force.

    I'm really surprised at how easy and roomy the engine is to work on with RXP-it's like a bicycle!


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    Here's some pictures of the condition of the parts after 200 hours in salt water. Not much to clean up except some dirt on the compressor impeller.
    The impeller is dual plane balanced as evidenced by corrections made at both the front and rear through material removal. This is the best way to balance something that spins so fast. Thought someone might be interested?


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