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    oil injection help !!!!

    so my 96 xp runs great first off. today when i was cleaning her up and running it on the hose, i noticed that when it was running, and even under some reving, the oil pump cable (?) was not moving at all. is this right ? when it was off, i pulled the throttle and still nothing. that cable was just still as ever. i even grabbed it and pulled the throttle and i felt nothing. i have taken this ski out probably 4-5 times since i pulled the carbs and cleaned the filters. i did put the cables back correctly when i did this. i'm thinking that if i messed up, the motor would have blown on me that day due to no oil. should i just screw it and install a block off plate ? any info would be great guys,
    thanks !

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    Don't panic, when the cable breaks the oil pump goes to full "on". Sounds like your cable is broken or it's not hooked up to the carbs correctly.


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    that cable was just lying back there completely not attached. now that i figured out thats its not attached, i'm wondering if anybody knows how the cable is supposed to be adjusted ? since the end is threaded about an inch and a half, i'm wondering if it matters how much the cable should be threaded in?

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    Trace the cable around the cam, with a mirror, you will see a line on the cam and one on a stationary pin. Adjust your cable to align these marks perfectly at 3k idle.

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    just go premix. I didnt want to do it but once i did i felt much better going out and riding and it wasnt that big of a hassle to mix oil and gas, and if you have to go to a gas station on the eater just bring a quart of oil and remember the mixtures its reall easy once you do ita few times

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