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    HELP---Got Towed Without a Hose pincher!!!

    i ran out of gas in the middle of noware yesterday and got towed without a hose pincher, but was towed slow. what do i need to look for if something was damaged????
    when i got home i checked the oil, it looks good but i changed it anyway. i put gas in and it started, ran it on the hose for a minute then checked the oil again looks good. i'm gonna change the oil again tomarrow.

    anything else i need to look for?

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    If your ski started and ran fine then you have nothing to worry about. The water intrusion would have been thru the exhaust and into the cylinders so if it started then it's fine or it's too late. If there had been water in a cylinder or all 3 for that matter, it wouldn't have turned over or you would have bent all the rods or both. The oil is probably fine too.

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    ok thanks

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    years back on my 04' rXP I sucked up a rock in a fast moving stream. A buddy of mine hooked on to my ski and pulled me for a few miles at about 20-25 mph.

    I checked everything out and there was no water that backed up into the engine.

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    If this ever happens again, pull the plugs before you crank it over. That way, any water in the cylinders will squirt out the plug holes. If you crank the engine over with water in the cylinders, you might bend a connecting rod, which will eventually fail - going through the block... Ron

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