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Thread: SX 230 Jet Boat

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    Question SX 230 Jet Boat

    I have an '06 SX 230 HO Jet Boat. It's has 2 of the 1052cc MR-1's at 160 HP each. The boat is very impressive, people can't believe a 23' boat can handle like a ski. Working the dual throttles I can throw the stern of the boat around, do 360's..... You know all of the fun stuff jet skiers enjoy.

    Enough of that! I'm here about power and performance. I have searched for power / performance modifications for the boat and come up empty handed. I can find things for the Yamaha skis running the same motor but most apply to items not found on the boat. The engines and drives seem to be the same as in the skis but the intakes and exausts appear to be different. Can anyone help or at least point me in the right direction?

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    i think anything you do will be expensive because it will be one off and you will have to do it twice (two motors) riva make velocity stacks... and you could put r&d power shots on...
    or do what all of us would like 2 SHO motors and you will have a little over 400 hps! then add a couple of c5 superchargers and bring it up to 600 and change. shouldn't cost more than 25g...

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    I don't know why you would even modify it. Sounds to me like its already fast enough.

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