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    looking for a little info...'96 GTi

    Buddy of mine has an old Sea-doo, he believes its a '96 GTI 650?...hopefully that checks out, anywho it started leaking oil a couple years back and had asked me to get a little info on what may be causing I know its a general question but I'm just trying to find out if this things is even worth working on...

    it also has had issues with starting and quitting at random times and has required towing back to ramp in the past...

    I've never owned a 2-stroke, never worked on one, so anything to help us out a little would help very much...I've done a little searching here and there, but figured I would post this up and see if I can gain some knowledge bout this...

    He bought an '08 RXT last year, and was inquiring whether or not if this craft is worth keeping and fixing or whether he should dump it for a few bucks...any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    you might want to post this in the 2 stroke section, not in the classifieds until you decide to sell it. have a mod move it there

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    yeah I f'd up...hopefully one will see it and move it

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