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    re starter problem

    Right here we go again i have a display but no starter or solenoid click,or turning over battery is fully charged, is this the main relay????????

    thanks guys Haggis

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    I'd pull the cover and check it with a VOM just to see if the solenoid coil is getting power when you push the button. It most likely is and it's most likely your problem but you should check just to be sure before you start throwing money at it. Hopefully it'll just be this simple problem.

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    just to update i have no power going to the fuel pump,no power light showing on my macsboost module and no cranking or buzzing when i press the start switch,i do get the two bleeps when fitting the safety clip,help pleeeeze.

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    Put a main relay on it anyway since they seem to have a 100% corrosion failure rate. I changed my this Winter before it failed.

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    Just a quick hijack. JR, have you seen the Suwanee lately. That thing has become a monster. I'm going to take you up on that Allison ride if I see you again this summer. I'll be there every holiday weekend. Sorry bout the hijack.

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    main relay

    thanxs to all it was the main relay knackered this forum is the dogs bo--ox

    im a happy haggis

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