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Thread: rebuilding 787

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    rebuilding 787

    hey guys , jsut pickedup a 97 xp , needs full rebuild, bore and even counterbalance bearings. wondering how hard this is, just re-align the marks with crankcase i hear>? any chanse someone culd poste the manual insutructions for aligning these??i only have a clymer manual, doesnt help with this step ......also, any mods i should be doing, im hoping to keep oil injection......thanks

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    A free pdf version of the shop manual can be found here:

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    I have a rebuilt SBT counter balancer if your interested.

    * If im not allowed to do this please delete thanks

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    got them off

    wondering if anyone knows the precise measurments for the bearings and the gear to be pushed onto shafts or do they jsut sit anywhere. still deciding to rebuild mine or buy a reman

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