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    Fixer Upper Problems

    HI guys,

    Finally found and brought a 1994 750Xi fixer upper for my son.

    Have to get a new battery for it but it fires up straight and seems to run good on hose.

    Cleaned it all down over weekend put new battery on and fired straight up and took it to water Sunday afternoon and she runs well even trim motor works. However keeps cutting out.

    Lets say you were accelerating then slow down it cuts out.

    The ski had been sitting for 18 months.

    So im thinking probably old bad gas or clogged carbs?

    Is there a way on cleaning the fuel system without dismantling the carbs with fuel system cleaner from local auto shop?

    Also rpm gauge and trim gauge work but fuel and other gauges dont.


    Update today (Monday) got some seafoam and put it in gas tank tried to fire it up and not fire . Turns over perfectly and has good spark. But wont fire up. Sprayed some starting fluid into plugs and it tries to run for about 5 seconds and cuts out. seems like no fuel getting thru

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    fuel guage malfucntion is one sign...

    of _really_ bad gas that has been sitting int he tank. Before you blow her up, bite the bullet, pull the fuel pickups and carbs and clean well..and I mean well. I had a zxi come in last year that was sitting that just wouldn't flow any fuel at all, a good rebuild and it's as good as new and starts at the first punch of the starter button. Might as well rebuild the carb as bad gas can screw up the rubber parts and casue all sorts of other headaches as well. You'll get a good idea after you drain the fuel and pull the fuel sender. Brown gunk on teh four little floats will be the tell tale of a long weekend smelling of gumout.

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    Another update

    Another update

    Removed the flame arrester and sprayed carbs with carb and choke cleaner and left overnight.

    Tried to start today and still no good however when assisted with starting fluid in the carbs it fired for about 5 seconds and an black oily substance came out of the exhaust.

    So i pulled the carbs blew them out with my air line.

    took off the fronts and looked for any sign of wear and nothing.

    Took off the fuel pump at the back an couldnt see anything bad

    disconnected all the fuel lines from tank to carbs and blew them out too.

    On the fuel tank took out the rubber bung with the electrical connection presumably it looks like its the fuel gauge because it has a rod extending down with four plastic type sleeves coinsiding with the four bar levels on the display. The shaft was rusty.

    My questions are could i have a bad fuel pump causing just the two cycle oil to flow into the chamber and not the gas

    resulting in the black oily substance coming from the exhaust.

    Is there a way of disconnecting the oil injection and reverting back to premix.


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