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    1994 SLT 750 Polaris running to rich

    What are the jet settings for this jet ski?

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    likely you may have a needle/seat carb problem if running too rich, if you sniff around abit you can find service manauals which will begin to help, but don't dilly, too rich of a mixture is washing all the lubrication from the engine..and that's nearly as bad as running too lean., but pulling the carbs from that ski is no saturday afternoon while you're having a beer job either ( well maybe ). Helpful to have some history on the ski for a lakeside diagnosis.

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    You can find the manual here. And more good info here too. The carb settings are in the manual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starflight View Post
    ...You can find the manual here.
    And more good info here too...

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    What makes you think you're running too rich?

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