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    Jacobs Spark plug gapping pliers

    as the title says:
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    And what can that do that a flat blade screw driver can

    nice !!

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    I know they set the gap accurately and squarely to the ground electrode.

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    over rated ! screwdriver =
    big accurate gap
    actually if I didn't have a diesel and if my 2 stroke plugs didn't come pre gapped I would be all over this cool device

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    Free gapping pliers, just pay shipping!

    ok, here`s the deal!!!

    If anyone truly wants these pliers I`ll send them for free, "you" just pay the shipping.

    The first person to send me a PM telling me they want them, gets them, no BS... I will post the person who gets them here.

    My apologies but shipping in the USA please... Thank you...PR...

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    Ok, we have a winner!
    at 7:19PM this evening Kale sent the PM! Congrats Sir!

    PM me your addy along with phone number I`ll get it squared away and let ya know what the shipping is!

    Thanks to everyone that played along!...PR...

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