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Thread: Piston removal

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    Piston removal

    I have a 1998 XL1200 and have the cylinder off in order to remove the pistons...the number 2 piston was severely damaged. I am replacing the piston set with the Wiseco set and some LA Sleeve Company sleeves. I removed the lock rings from both sides of the wrist pin, but the pin itself does not want to move from the rod bearing. Does anyone have any experience with this so that they can point me in the right direction?

    I will have another question after the pistons are completely out regarding connecting rod free play on the crankshaft, but that'll come with time.

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    Piston pin puller

    Will post a pic in a minute.

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    Here it is with 3 diff. size bushing for diff. size pins

    Can be used to remove and also install piston wrist pins.
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    Welcome FTPPNET to GH. Have you found the source of the problem? Find out why before you put the new sleeves and pistons in.

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    Heat the piston with a heat gun (hairdryer works sometimes too), so it is hot enough that you have to hold it with gloves. The pin should slide right out, or at least with very little force. If that doesn't do it, you will need a pin puller.

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    Or you can tap it out with a long socket.......

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    I use all thread and some nuts! and some sockets

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    ZMANN, thanks for the great idea. I think I will do that along with help from the heat gun. As far as the cause of the problem, I am not 100% sure, but I believe that it has to do with the oil injection hose coming off of the number 2 cylinder a few times. I bought this Waverunner as-is for very little money and took it on as a rebuild project. I am eliminating the oil injection and going over the entire engine as part of the rebuild. The 2nd connecting rod feels a little sloppy but I will reference the service manual for free play.

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    I have 2 xl 98 1200's both were toast when I bought them!!
    I got them for 1 k each and did cases crank cylinder bank . bore pistons on 1 and the same but no cases or replacement cyl bank needed on the other Do the carbs for sure and premix is a good choice

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    I think that the cases are going to end up being okay. I was thinking about a new crank and rods, but I'll have to see once I get all of the pistons out. I got this thing for $300 so I cannot complain. I am rebuilding the carbs and putting new reeds and stuffers in while I have the engine apart. What is available for these as far as ignition items go?

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