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    MFI Not showing reverse

    Looking for some help/suggestions from anyone.. 2001 Genesis

    The MFI does not show when the reverse gate is moving. It always displays as Forward. The reverse gate does work properly when running and also when just holding down the bilge button. It still doesn't register on the display. I've tried 2 different displays and two different reverse gate motors. Still no luck!

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    Arrow PERC Electric Reverse diagnostics - MFI reverse display

    Page 306 in the 2001 Service manual (9917164) outlines how to check the switches in the reverse motor assembly.

    Presuming that the switches inside the reverse motor assembly are good, then the problem must lie in the Blue/White and Green/White wires that link the MFI to the reverse motor switch wiring.

    As the reverse motor moves from full forward to neutral, then into reverse, internal switches inside the reverse motor assembly signal the reverse motor's position to the MFI.

    The MFI simply watches the voltages on those two wires. One polarity means the reverse is engaging, and the opposite polarity means reverse is disengaging.

    According to the wiring diagram, pins 9 (Green/White1) and 10 (Blue/White1) on the MFI connector should connect to pins 6 (Green/White1) and 2 (Blue/White1) on the reverse motor connector.
    I suspect this is incorrect.


    Pins 9 (Green/White1) and 10 (Blue/White1) on the MFI connector connect to pins 3 (Green/White1) and 4 (Blue/White1) on the reverse motor connector.
    My guess is that this is how it is actually wired.

    Note: It appears the Genesis wiring diagram on page 364 has an error in the reverse motor section (Blue/White wire connections are swapped).

    In addition, all the PERC wiring diagrams I looked at (2001 & 2002, five different models) seem to be confused regarding what pins 2 and 6 do.

    I think pins 3 (Green/White2) and 4 (Blue/White2) on the reverse motor are the signals to the MFI.

    I also think the person drawing those main wiring diagrams got the PERC input and output wires/pins swapped, and nobody noticed

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    Thanks we'll give it a try!

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