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    found a "new" 98' STX 900, start-up question

    so i ran across a brand new 98' STX 900. It has never been run and is full of oil and topped off with it's first tank of pre-mix as it would have left the dealer. The ski was bought but NEVER run. it was stored inside, so there is no weathering, mildew, etc. it's absolutely perfect.

    i plan of draning the fuel tank, flushing the fuel system, and blowing out the carbs. I'll refill with 40:1 premix since it was never run/broken in.

    I think oil has no shelf life, should i bleed the system and blow out the pump to carb lines?

    Should the oil in the mag cover be replaced or checked?

    i was gonna spray the cylinders with oil to help the rings/walls if they happen to be stuck or rusted from sitting. I saw NO signs of moisture so i'm hoping this will be ok.

    anything else that should be addressed that i'm missing?

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    see if the motor cranks first, other than that I think you have it covered.


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    11 year old carbs .. I couldn't help but to go thru the fuel system

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    lets see some pictures. that is an awesome find.

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