Windows PC xp pro 32 bit ( if I can find a Key)
2.4 ghz amd x2 processor
Motherboard amd mother board (Specs to follow)
on board sound and video too
Sound blaster Audigy card
agp 8x video Radeon 2600 pro
2 G DDR2 600 Ram
160 G Western Digital Sata hard Drive
400 w Power supply
New Mid Tower Case Gray and black mid tower
I can include a mouse and keyboard at no cost
ROM Drive : IF have one stashed somewhere I'll add it.
all u need is a monitor and a Optical ROM drive, I can add one or you can add your old one.

I will assemble, Test and burn-in before I ship it to you.

If you were to buy it today,I can have it all done and to shipping by Monday barring any unforeseen issues.

This will be a solid system based of of some former gaming components. These are Beefier Name brand components that DELL , HP, and what not tend not to use. This is a robust system and will allow for plenty of ventilation or cooling.


again I'm giving you all first crack at this before I hit it up on ebay...