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    4 TEC engine swap

    Hi...everone.. my 04 RXP drop a valve back in the fall and I have been looking for a replacement engine. I have found an 2006 RXT engine with 20hrs. I want to know if a 2006 RXT engine is compatable with my 04 RXP hull and electronics? I would rather do this than put a SBT engine in the hull. But, if I have to swap ECU..MPEM etc.... I will rebuild. Thanks for any input.

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    I believe I can answer this question as I am going through the same issue..

    The 04/05 engines are compatable and 06/07 ones are as well.

    You cannot put an 06 or 07 motor into your hull as your electronics and driveshaft will need heavy modifications...

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    4 TEC engine swap

    Thanks for the reply...and I hate to hear that.

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    I asked shibby about using 04 electronics for my 06 motor and this is the reply.

    the oil sensor system is reverse logic
    the crank venting is difference
    the crank pin location trigger is different
    the ECU is different
    the knock sensor integration is different
    the guage programming is different...

    it would be very very difficult (borderline impossible) to do an 06 with 04 electronics.

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    Just pull the crank out of the 06 take it to a machine shop and have them relocate the crank trigger prong,use the 04 oil pumps and mag housing and you are done you will need a head gasket and oil pump gaskets, some stretch bolts for the rods and head and you are done use all the 04 electrics, also sell your core engine to sbt for 600 bucks or more to pay for the 06 swapping, unless your block is junk

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