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    Tested new mods. 13/19 & XS IC

    I received my prop back from IMPROS and installed yesterday. I'd like to give Dave a bunch of props (no pun intended), not only did it look incredible especially after i chewed rocks with, it put me right on 8100-8150 rpms. Water temp was 57 air 51 so i expect to be perfect with warmer weather and possibly a ring

    My first ride out with new prop and XS IC was a 69.2 @ 8100 rpms & just over 8 lbs of boost.

    I was expecting more on the top end, but this thing wants to jump right out of the water! It has incredible low to mid range acceleration and is like a bullet out of turns from 1/4 throttle.

    I think i can gain some top end by finding the extra lb of boost. I have a mechanical gauge that was reading just over 8. with the vortec wheel and IC i think i should be running 9-9.5. someone correct me if i am wrong.

    i am going to pull the IC and silicone the cuplers, double check my gauge fitting, and fill rideplate holes. I'm hoping to find another 2-2.5 mph out of this. Does this sound reasonable?

    Also, i over tightened the nose cone bolts and disfigured the shape of it where it meets the pump. i backed the screws off, but i hav a feeling it is scrubbing a bit of speed. i also think i am losing some thrust from the 2 degree wedge blowing thrust into the reverse bucket... this may be a stretch but i'll trim it to see.

    if anyone has any ideas to get my stage 2 set up over 70 where it should be let me know.

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    Try pulling the glove box out and let some fresh air in the hull.
    Have you filled the ride plate holes?

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