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    Upgrade Kit, OEM Intake Manifold, SD RXP-X

    Hey Guys,

    Did you see this on the IJSBA Website?

    IJSBA Ruling Update: RIVA Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit for Yamaha Four Stroke

    April 22, 2009

    The IJSBA has received an excessive amount of inquiries about the Stock Class legality of the Riva Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit.
    This part is advertised as a manifold upgrade kit.
    IJSBA Rule 6.6.1 anticipates modifications to be between the flame arrestor and throttle body when there is no airflow sensor. However, when there is an airflow sensor, the ducting leading up to the airflow sensor may be modified.
    The IJSBA has previously allowed mesh, located in the manifold, that served as part of the backfire protection system to be removed so long as the required backfire standards (as dictated in 6.6.1) are met. However, it was ruled that the manifold could not be modified outside of removing the backfire prevention device.
    The Riva Manifold Upgrade kit replaces a wire mesh insert with a an insert that does not contain the mesh.
    This matter was submitted to the technical committee to resolve any conflict in provisions.
    After lengthy discussion and consultation, the IJSBA is ruling that allowing this part in Stock Class is consistent with prior rulings and is the type of modification that is anticipated by 6.6.1.

    I'm not clear what this all means.

    Is there a difference between the Yamaha 4-stroke setup and SeaDoo?

    Should this apply to the SeaDoo RIVA Upgrade Kit too?


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    I think so. I don't see a difference between Yamaha and SeaDoo in this ruling. I always felt it was a legal mod, but some didn't.

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