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    fuel not stabilzed

    I did not get to stabilize my fuel on my 06 fx ho, it has been sitting in my garage here in tampa for the last five months with the tank 90% full. What should I do ? Do I need to drain the fuel tank ? If so how. thank you.

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    I've read / heard that gas will last about 3 - 3.5 months without stabilizing it. I mean, its possible that bad things have happened to the gas over the "winter", but you could still try and run it. (I might in my 96 ski, maybe not in a newer one.)

    Or stick a syphon down the filler neck and empty it that way. (Or inside if there's hole big enough, like where the fuel sender is and syphon from there).

    You don't have to get all of it, but most will do, and then dilute it with new gas. Keep the old stuff for a lawn mower or a car.

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