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    does anyone know which battery is the best for a high compression engine,that last more then a year..I have no faith in AGM or Gel i think they both are junk,they dont last more then a year,in my opinion acid is best especially when fully sealed,does anyone have any other opinions or brands they could throw at me?? thanks much

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    Gel has much more CCA. Deka ETX16L. If you don't run it dead, it will last 4-5 years+

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    I have two AGMs that are four and three years old respectively. They are each double the CCA of a standard wet cell batt.

    Same part number as above, but they are AGM from Advance Auto.

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    Have you looked at the Oddesey? I keep the small waterproof Battery Tender hooked up and it's always ready to go. I have had mine for about two years, no problems.

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