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    Just bought an stx 15f

    Just got her, 2008, hit 21 hours today. Awesome ski. Alot of power compared to the yamaha vx, lots of torque. Max out at about 63mph. No complaints!!! Any others?

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    Been riding one for almost 5 years now. Have loved every minute of it. Working on going past 300 hours this year. Bought it the first year available and haven't worried about a thing since. You will enjoy it a long time.

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    63 not bad...was that gps or dremo meter. Thats about right though anywhere from 61-63 is stock.

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    Yeah 63 top, avg around 61..62. Very pleased. Sure as hell beats a 1000cc vx, 1/3 bigger engine and a hand full less $.

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    I picked up a new 2008 and got my first 2 hours on it last weekend. Cant wait to run her this weekend. Def. a lot of power.

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    Hey, just joined the forum. Bought a 08 15f about 2 wks ago. Still breaking it in and only have about 4 hours on it. Researched every ski to death and decided this was the best "bang for the buck". Got it for $6400 plus tax. Don't have anything to compare it to but it rides great. Any ideas on best bolt on performance mods?

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    welcome to the forum! use the search function, there's already a lot of info on this. The Riva RPM kit is a great start.

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    GPS'd my 15f @61mph speedo read 63. Is it usual for the speedo to be that accurate? Had to hold WOT for about 5 seconds to hit 61.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brax View Post
    GPS'd my 15f @61mph speedo read 63. Is it usual for the speedo to be that accurate? Had to hold WOT for about 5 seconds to hit 61.
    Welcome to the forum!! expect to be helped beyond your expectations! Its depends on the water conditions for how accurate the speedo is most of the time for me. I ride rough so it isnt vary accurate for me so iam guesiing if you ride semi-flat to glass water conditions your speedo should be somewhat accurate,1-3mph differance is about right.

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