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    WTB rear tow eye

    Looking for a rear tow eye and hardware perhaps off of a totaled ski. Going to install on a GP1300R

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    you can't tow with a gpr

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    I would use the Sea Doo one from a 1998+ GTX limited. Just make sure you use a BIG backing plate for it. Any of the ones from an XLT will not have a hook (like most towables want).

    You cant tow with a two seater in some states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fcs1965 View Post
    why not?

    i thought the law applied everywhere but the reason is you are supposed to have a spotter facing whoever is skiing/tubing behind you. The law says you are to have a seat on the craft for 3 people. Driver, Spotter, and Skier. Unless of course you mount a mirror on the ski that is the size of my bigscreen tv. so you could probably tow in those seapoo's but I would caution you to follow the laws, those DNR guys around here aren't very nice

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