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    Seadoo Wrist Staps

    We have used a wrist strap made by Seadoo to secure our lanyards (to our body) for years now. I need another one and cannot seem to find them anywhere. Anyone know where to find one?

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    When I bought my XP I jsut went out and bought two generic lanyards from my local marina and just attached my old key. Any reason you don't want to do this?

    Mine was very similar to this one except it had a Velcro wrist strap.

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    Here ya go..Clip your lanyard on and strap away!!

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    I just attach my lanyard to my life vest. I secure it with the clip form the lanyard to one of those metal clips they use for keys. Like 2 for $1 or so. makes it easy to attach to vest.

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