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    Lightbulb WaveEater Clips

    I have a 98 GP800 with the YPVS valves. I have done some research and want to install these clips and a coupler. I am going to order them from one of the following:
    1. 4-Tec Performance Parts - $60.00 + $19ship
    2. WaveEater Products - $60.00 + $8.00ship
    3.Waterdraft Superstore - $22/clip (no Coupler) or the valve upgrade kit for $129.99 + $24 ship.

    Are all the clips the same? I see there are aluminum ones? Are these any better. If someone has had any experience please advise. Is the coupler recommended?

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    Order them directly from Waveeater. He is the person that came up with them.

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