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    800R motor and Wiseco pistons

    Can anyone tell me if i can use thrust washers when fitting Wiseco pistons?I have just built my motor up after having the barrels resleeved,when fitting the pistons there was a huge amount of sideways play on the little ends so thrust washers were fitted.Since building up the motor i have been told not to use the washers with Wiseco pistons,can anyone tell/help me out here as i dont really want to tear my motor down if not needed.Hope this makes sense :-/ and i havent started the engine yet just incase it will harm

    Any help asap much appreciated

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    Honestly don't see why you can't use those washers with wisecos. Best thing to do is call them up and ask them.
    What clearance did you set your cylinders at with these pistons?

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    i did the same thing. I was told you do not need them but I tore it down before I got an answer.

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    It will depend on what wrist pin bearing you used also. I'd measure the bearing, and compare it to stock. Also, measure the width of the space in between the wrist pin bosses. Keep the clearance the same as stock, and you should be fine.

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