once again i ned help ( standard routine now ) okay i have a 2007 gtx limited with 215 hp -- i have a greenwheel SC - greco water strainer -catch can -- riva stage one kit riva 14/19 ( not sure about that its been tweaked )worx sponson - fizzle intercooler -filled ride plate holes -- 42# injectors -riva free flow exhaust -i went out today to test things out -- and the ski didn't want to start ( never happened before ) and i could smell gas from the exhaust - finaly got it started and it was missing like some plugs where fouled -- it was running rich -- so i got worried and headed back to the dock -- but while i was waiting on the trailer to come back to the dock i idled around ( langley air force base had a air show going on so i watched ) everything seemed to clear up -- can the ecu cause that ?or am i missing something really simple ? P.S. can we get spell check on this site ? LOL