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    new here, what's up Honda crowd

    So I'm in the market and possibly picking up my 06 f-12x tomorrow. leftover on the showroom floor still. couple questions for everyone.

    I'm getting the ski and trailer for 8050 out the door, you guys think thats a fair price?

    Any general advice for me as i start this new hobby?

    Been looking forward to this!

    I'm an 08 honda accord coupe owner, so I'm biased towards hondas. been looking at jet ski's that perform, but mainly that will last me through the years. I plan on having this guy for a while.

    I'm coming from an 01 suzuki gsxr600 sport bike. had to sell it due to work. can't ride a bike to work in a suit unfortunately. I'm hoping this fills that speed cravings I'm having on the first 80 degree day of the year.

    I'll be around, looking forward to reading a lot about the new ski!

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    sorry to double post. wanted to also add, what are some premium fluids i can add right off the bad before i get this in the water?


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    Congrats on the new toy. You're gonna love it. And if that price includes tax & a cover... real good deal. Enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiamiMark View Post
    Congrats on the new toy. You're gonna love it. And if that price includes tax & a cover... real good deal. Enjoy!
    Dude... called another place today 3 n a half hours away, getting an 06 f12x new with trailer out the door


    so freakin jacked right now... gonna be a long week till next sat for the pickup.

    called the first place back, they didn't want to touch it.

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    Great ski, not as powerful as some of the others... but very fuel efficient.

    I bought an 05 R-12x left over... I love it!

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    Yeah I'm a coucher, and proud of it! ticketplease's Avatar
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    new here...

    Like the poster said before, not the fastest but very dependable and fuel efficent. Kind of like coming from a GSXR 600 to a Honda 600 sport bike. You have the fastest....errr did I just say that? I ride a Yami bike, Vmax, not the fastest but I'm slapping that Hayabusa rider around thru 1st and 2nd till he hits third and flies past my a**. Anyhow, great ski, years of fun, low problems, low cost to get in and on up keep. Great to have ya here

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    probably a good thing it's not the fastest. It is my first ski and i have maybe a total of 5 hours on one my entire life.

    I was always about hitting some twisty roads on the bike, just lookin for something that'll take off outa the gate and move when i want it to, not necessarily a ski that'll go 75 in a straight line.

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    I got a '04 left over in '06 never had a problem with it and brother unless your on a lake or a very calm day in the ocean you wont top out any ways. For general info; stock by GPS I maxed at 64mph. As far as fuel keep the octane high! Great Buy!!

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    Good deal and good ski!!!

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    does everyone run 91? i think i read somewhere thats what they recommend, prob because CA can't get 93 right?

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