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    WTB: Yamaha 800 PV motor - GP800r XL800

    I've recently picked up two well abused GP800R skis. They had reman motors put in them, but someone didn't clean the carbs. Both destroyed a front piston. I bought them with partially assembled motors.

    One motor has two spots of case damage. To exchane with SBT, I'm looking at cost of the motor + $200 for welding repairs. SBT motors are also sleeved. I'd consider fully assembled - good known condition motors. The more complete the better.

    I need the multi-function displays also - that is gauge sets. These may cross with the XL800 gauges, not really sure (anyone know what operates the power valves).

    Let me know about the motor, gauges, anything else... Appreciate it.

    I'm out of Austin, TX - would consider barters for one of these titled skis and/or double trailer... Photos at:
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