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    Stranded today by my 99 XL1200 - need help!

    First off, this is my first post and I am very happy to find this forum. I know nothing about a jet ski engine except for the typical maintenance. My jet ski has been solely owned by me and it is in pristine condition. Always highly cared for, flushed, and washed thoroughly. It is primarily in saltwater as i live in SC.

    Today I was literally left up "sh__ creek without a paddle." It was our first day back on the water. We charged the battery, filled up the jet ski and put it in the water. It fired up and ran well idle and full speed for an hour or so, we idled through 2 long no wake zones, got it up 3/4 throttle and it died. Cranked it back up got it on plane and it died again. Cranked it up started to apply the throttle and it died. After that it wouldnt even attempt to noise or nothing. I figured it had to be a dead short or something with the battery...after an hour or so of standing in knee deep pluff mud my buddy came to the rescue and towed me out. I got it home applied the battery charger and it will not make any attempt to crank, no noise, nothing. When i press the start button the dial says START and thats it. no clock, gauges, noise, nothing. Can someone help me with what to look for, check out, and where i could find a repair manual to download. Many of the links in the forum are no longer valid.

    Your help is appreciated!! Thank you!

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    Welcome to the forum, here is a link to online manuals. I would start with doing the check on the charging and lighting coils.

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    address your cranking first.. then check for o/sbill sugested ,if thats then ok , fill us in on what you have done so far ,and what its doing now ..

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    thanks for the replies and the link to the manual! I will take a look and see what i can find out. I will update you as i go. Thanks again!!

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