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    New guy with new Speedster 200

    Just bought my 2nd SeaDoo. Got a new (still shrink wrapped) 2008 Speedster 200 with the 310 hp package in blue, galvanized trailer, 2 year warranty, and travel cover - out the door price of $21870. I'm picking it up in 2 weeks when I get off my ship and head home.

    I know there's a few guys on here running the same boat, and I had a few questions....

    Would like some info on running one engine. How well does it run on one? Thinking economy wise to save gas. Do I need to crimp the cooling hose for the offline engine or is that for the older boats? How good is the fit and finish on the newer boats? I know on my 2001 Challenger 1800, a lot of the rubber sealing/gaskets for the storage didn't last 2 months. I'm also looking at an aftermarket bimini top - any recommendations? What, if any relatively cheap mods are available? I'm looking for things to improve engine breathing and improve economy. Are aftermarket intake and exhaust kits available? I know on my old Challenger, just opening up the ski locker improved the rpm's on my engine.

    Any tips, info, etc. would be appreciated.

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    Do not drive one one engine. It would barley save any gas as the other one would be working extra hard to keep you on plane..

    You will also have limited turning with one engine.

    The fit and finish on my 2004 Speedster 200 is not great. The seals and plastic peices are still cheap, but it allows you to upgrade stuff as needed.

    I am not sure about the mods, but I would mabey look at the impellers, the 155hp engines are limited on the mods with lack of the SC.

    The power is great in this boat, even loaded up with 5 people, full fuel and gear, it will do a 360 and pop right up onto plane!

    Also, get the OEM bimini top. It is custom bent and has a special shape to accomodate the same style looks as the 200. An aftermarket will work, but it may not look correct.
    Enjoy the boat, you got a great deal!

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    They run like shit on one motor. THe good think is if you suck somthing up you can use 1 motor to get you up to speed and get the boat to jump alittle and it will blow right out.

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    Thanks for the heads up guys. I'm picking up the boat next week and can't wait. Been at sea for 5 1/2 of the last 7 months, so I'm looking forward to some fun in the sun.

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