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    Timing Mod and 87 Octane

    I am thinking of pulling the triger on the timing mod. At my lake the gas station only sells 87 octane. I know I can boost the gas with aditives but I am not realy into buying bottles of octane.

    My question is has any one done the timing mod and used 87 gas? I have never heard my engine knock and I would like to keep it this way. I was thinking of a 4 degree bump. Will I be ok or should just leave it?

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    so ur thinking of advancing the timing in your engine to make more power and your going to run crappy gas in it,,,,,,don't do it.....

    That's a recipe for disaster........detonation is something you DO NOT want in your motor!!!!

    And if you do.....octane booster is a hell of a lot cheaper than a new engine!!! If ur gonna play with fire....get ready to get .02

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    You shouldn't use 87 octane in your ultra without the advanced timing. 91 is as low as you should go.

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    87 octane + advance = detonation = by by engine....if 87 is all you can get then you must revert it BACK to normal.

    Local small cans of octane boost WILL NOT boost your gas. I have posted numerous topics regarding octane boosters....bottom line one can of which ever brand you get WILL NOT raise your octane lever more than 0.1 ie 87.1

    the only way to raise 87 octane to 91 or better is using a gallon of race gas and or toluene and or xylene.......... or you can buy 91/93 octane and carry it down each and every time.............

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    just fill her up before you get there and bring extra gas in cans or a fuel dolly.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by erckawasaki View Post
    You shouldn't use 87 octane in your ultra without the advanced timing. 91 is as low as you should go.

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