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    Virage Boarding step install? Aqua Performance (Polaris OEM)

    I am installing a Polaris (Aqua Performance) boarding step and would appreciate info on exactly how far from the rub rail to mount the brackets. Instructions say at the curve. Do not know if the transom has reinforcement for step or not.

    It is a 2002 Virage.

    I have inserts and wedges but do not want to start drilling holes in the wrong place.
    I have emailed Polaris and Aqua Performance with no luck.

    Any help would be greatley appreciated
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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Click here for the Polaris Service manuals.

    I mounted an Aqua Performance step on my own Virage TXi last year, but I am not entirely happy with the location I chose

    That curved hull makes it a very tricky install. Between the spring loaded step hinges, and the compound curve of the brackets, it is not easy to locate the holes.

    Essentially, once installed, you want the top edge of the boarding step when retracted to be close to the rub rail, yet when swinging down for boarding use, the step should clear the jet pump reverse bucket (in reverse mode would be good, but at least in forward mode).

    I trialled a number of mount locations, and held the mounts firmly in place while test swinging the step up and down to ensure jet pump clearance. You need more than two hands to do this, and three people would be good.

    In my case, I also found that after installation the step hinges were partially binding, so I shimmed the brackets to allow smoother rotation.

    Here are some pictures of my installation. If I had to do it again, I would try and locate the brackets a little lower on the hull.

    It is also difficult to get the AVK expanding fastener holes drilled at exactly the correct angles to allow all three bolts from each mounting base to fit just nicely.
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    Thanks for the info it really helped to see your pictures. I had originally located the step higher and what you said about the reverse gate being down changes things.
    I will keep fiddling around until I find out where it should be mounted, I have a lots of patience.

    Thanks again

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