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    Spark plugs changeout interval for F-12

    How often should spark plugs be changed? I have an F-12.

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    The manual says......but put new plugs at the beginning of the new riding season, after the oil change & winter flushing.

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    100 hours worked for me

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    I'm relatively new so I really don't know if it's right or not, but I'm gonna run the original plugs unless/until there's a problem. Only 52/51 hours on the skis, but they run great.

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    I only have 10 hrs so far but I am going to try to run them for 200 hrs or until their is an issue

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    Every season to keep em running top notch!

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    Thanks, everyone for the replies. I put a little oil in the cylinders every winter, and heard that sometimes it can foul plugs. Seems like I read somewhere that cleaning the plugs is not recommended, just replacing them.

    I'm going to pull them in a couple of weeks and see what they look like. If they're fouled, I'm going to replace them ($$$$--ouch).

    By the way, I'm not having any performance problems other than the other day my son complained that the ski seemed sluggish, as if something got sucked up into the impeller. I took the ski out, and it ran fine.

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    Try going to an autoparts store vs. a dealer for your plugs. I went to Advance Auto Parts and they got me the same plugs for half the cost of my Honda Dealer.

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    I'll definitely do that. $16 each is too steep for me.

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