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    Question overheating light!

    overheating light comes on after 60-120 seconds while flushing the system of my 09 vx cruiser with fresh water after a good 3 hours of break in the engine at the beach. what could be the problem?

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    How are you flushing the ski? i.e Revs, water force from tap

    Did you suck anything up on the beach?

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    i had some plastic bag but i believe i took it out. and then i continued riding for the remainder of the day. could low pressure of the tap water be a cause?

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    Low water pressure could cause this, although it would have to be very low.
    What position is the ski in when needs to be level or just slightly leaning forwards. If sloping back, then too much water just flows out through the intake strainer, rather then going around the motor.

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    thanks! i will try to lean it a little more forward to see what happens.
    Now, a friend suggested that i try it directly at the beach since it had worked very well for the whole day before we tried flushing it, is that a good idea? Now let's say that the once in the ocean, the engine does not overheat, then should i conclude that it was either the poor pressure of the water supply or the ski's position to backward? Also keep in mind that the ski is brand new!!! it is its first flushing...

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    The ski being brand new will make no difference. As said, make sure ski is not tilted back....... if water pressure is low you could try clamping or squeezing the intake hose so that all flow is directed around the motor. When flushing, alot of water is directed back to the intake filter screen to flush any debris that may be around that area & does not go around the motor!
    Here's a pic of the intake hose on my sould be similar on the VX.

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    thanks a lot my friend! i will try it ASAP. However, today i went again at the beach and i rode for about 45 min without any problem, no warning light!!! then after riding i tried flushing again with that same tap water and once again after 90 seconds light and beep came up/. Also no water comes out from the small hole on the left side, only air , but water comes out from the rear as usual..... thanks again for picture, i will definetly look for what you've shown

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