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Thread: Rxp nozzle

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    Rxp nozzle

    Can anyone tell me if there are 81mm nozzles out there that don't use reduction rings, if so where can I get one?

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    There are a few ways, but you have to be good at engineering and math, Weld orig one up smaller, then take out with laithe, but dont go too far as back to square one again. OR easier is to get the GH/Riva one... its heaps easier, flexible, and provides for further changes.

    I know it at a cost, but to be honest, I considered more ways, but it would seem to be the way.

    Only other is to go around measuring any other 155mm jet-drives, and see if compatible, but I havent come across one yet, only the reverse bucket is better on the GTX than the RXP.

    Chat with Jerry here, maybe he can help point you in the right direction, but dont hold on to it, it might be the reason why it was invented.

    Good luck, and let us know.

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