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    96 SLT780 problem

    Hey everyone, my 780 has a problem which the only answer i have gotten was cavitation but i believe there is more to it. When i first bought the ski, it accelerated fine but after about 5 hours of use when you give it gas from a dead stop the motor just revs up. It seems that if i accelerate slowly and turn the handlebars it will pick up and have no problem when it planes out. I don't have anything stuck in the impeller is this a bearing problem? Just to add this was last year.. I recently took the ski out after not using it for the winter and I had no problems with it, until again i used it for about 5 hours or so. Any help would be great thanks guys!

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    Click here for the Service Manual.

    It sounds like the drive line has a problem. Either the splines one one end or the other of the drive shaft are worn, or the engine drive shaft coupler has failed.

    If your model has the rubber bonded coupler (PN 1060119), look at it closely to see if the rubber bonding to the inner hub has failed.

    If the coupler looks OK, then remove the jet pump, and inspect the splines at each end of the drive shaft, inside the impeller, and inside the engine coupler.

    While you have the jet pump off, check the impeller stub shaft in the jet pump stator for smooth operation - the impeller should spin with no grinding noise or roughness. If you suspect the stator seals or bearings are failing, now is the time to replace them.

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    would that also cause the ski to leak some water inside?

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    Is it leaking in around the drive shaft?

    If that is where the leak is, then the seals and bearings in the drive shaft through-hull coupler probably need to be replaced, or you can replace the entire through-hull bearing assembly.

    Another place to check is the speedometer pitot hose fitting, which is located right below the drive shaft. It can be hard to see it, but make sure the clear hose is firmly in place, and is not split or leaking.
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    wow thank you for the fast reply! looks like I have a project for me to take a look at this week!

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    I'd venture to say the engine coupler is slipping. Yours should have the black rubber mounted type.

    The leak may be from the thru hull seal connection. I think some SLT's have had the plastic crack.

    Also be sure to grease that seal regularly.

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