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    Impeller / Pump question

    I'm thinking about getting a different impeller for my 03 GPR1300.
    Will put my new mods on in the next couple weeks:
    - VFII's Reeds
    - 4 Degree Keyway
    - Riva E.F.I. Control Unit
    - R&D 800 Intake Grate
    - RIVA Sponsons

    So far done: pre mix, pump tunnel reinfored, R&D Ride Plate, Pump seal kit and D-plate with chip.

    I also ordered a tacho which I should get soon (from IR) and would like to know if I need a different impeller?
    Or should I upgrade the pump to 87mm (I guess the 03 has the 85mm if I'm not mistaken).
    If I get a SOLAS "SETBACK" CONCORD IMPELLER 13/19 could I get it repitched to 14/20 if I need? What other impeller would be good for this setup and year?
    Please let me know what you guy's recomend.

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    +1 i'm more or less in the same boat

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    Pumps vs. Impellers

    Hey guys - here's the quick and dirty about the 03-04 vs the newer GPRs.

    O3/04 has a smaller hub pump, so you would use a Concord impeller.
    05 and up has the bigger hub pump, so you would use a Dynafly impeller.

    The 85 versus 87 is the Exit Nozzle diameter - 85 on the 03 and up, if I recall correctly; 87 for the 00 to 02 Gpr. Guys try both but the common theme is 85 higher top speed, 87 quicker acceleration (more rpms).

    IF you aren't going to change to the newer pump, then you want an impeller with at LEAST a root (1st #) angle of 14, maybe 15 to pitch from. You won't get a 13 pitch impeller to match the higher root angle impellers, no matter what you bend them to. So keep that in mind.

    If you ARE going to upgrade to the newer, larger hub pump, don't bother at all with the Concord, order the 14/20 Dynafly and go from there. That impeller is the basis for what most guys use and tweak.

    Hope all of that helps!

    BTW - for all those mods, you're going to need a bend - I'm guessing 23? Maybe - get your rpms then send whatever impeller you use to Carl to repitch.....

    Good luck,

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    So if I stay with the old style exit nozzle (85mm) I should be fine or?
    All I need would be a Concord Impeller with 14/20 (14/21; 14/21; 14/22 or 14/23) depending of what rpm my ski runs after the mods?

    If there is no big advantage in the 87mm exit nozzle and the dynafly impeller I would get me a 14/20 to start with or is anybody running stock impeller with similar mods?

    Thanks for your help guy's!!!

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