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    97 gti running bad

    My buddy is going through the ringer on his ski. So far he has had the carb rebuilt and a new engine installed but it hasn`t run right yet. After the engine install. another guy said there was a problem with the rotary valve. he fixed that ? Today it ran great for a half hour and now it only goes 10 mph. I think it`s a carb issue? He`s been burnt on this thing and I hate to watch it. Could it be fuel lines or a binding drive line?

    Thanks Mike

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    Hey Mike, pull the spark plugs and inspect. They will tell you where to look. Black is fouled, too much fuel. Gray is lean (you probably seized a piston). Chocolate brown is the correct fuel mixture. This is looking at the ceramic insulator, the rest of the plug means nothing.

    If the pluga are balck (fouled) change them and see how it runs. It should have NGK BR8ES plugs in it.

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    well do a compression check on the engine sounds like it ran lean and burnt a piston let us know

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