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    04/05 RXP sponsons

    I am looking at picking up some used worx sponsons for my 05 RXP, but had a question on the fit of them first. Looking at the worx website it shows different part numbers for the 04 and 05+ RXP's, and the person that I'm getting them from says that he had them on a both an 04 and and 05. My question is what would be the difference of fit between the 04 and 05, if there is any, because when I was looking around in the store it doesn't say anything about different years for any of the other sponsons for a RXP? Just want to make sure if I get them that they are going to work out and not be too bad to install? And also people that have put sponsons on your RXP were you happy with the mod and how much improvement did they make? Thanks for the help.

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    turn out that they are r&d sponsons and not worx and looking in the store if appears like they should work without a problem

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