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    how do i remove the driveshaft

    Hello i want to clean up the messy siliconejob made from the factory. Cant get the driveshaft out thou?? Howe do i do??


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    Sorry ULTRA 250X 2008

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    The silicone job on my ski was extremly slobby, leaking everywhere etc. so want to make it properly but it is very difficult to reach when the driveshaft is in place.

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    Hmm ok, not good as it would have bean so much easier if i could just get the driveshaft out..of course i have taken the pump and intake grate of.
    I have newer sean such a messy job that they have done to my ski, my friends Ultras are not done good either but by far better than mine

    Thanks for the help

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    i want to take all the slicone out as they have basically filled the hole pumptunnel with a layer of silicone, but they have missed the points were it should be Sealing..... i have had a nice weekend on my back trying to scrape off all of it... problem is that i have scratched the gelcoat a bit so i want to polish/sanding/filling this up again. doing this is a bit difficult with the drivehaft int the way.

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