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    GTX 4 TEC top speed concerns

    Hello i have a 2002 sea-doo gtx 4tec and just brought it i have replaced all the plugs and coil packs changed the oil and filters but it still only hits 50mph is this normal????? It has only one lanyard which is the learner one but has been recoded by the last owner will this make a difference any help would be handy ..............

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    What RPM are you getting? Have you checked the condition of the prop and wear ring?

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    It seems to be topping out about 8000 rpm..... Have not checked the prop or wear ring are these easy jobs what should i be looking for ????

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    A 2002 155-hp NA ski should top out at around 7600 rpms at 58-59 mph. It sounds more like you're hitting 7000 rpms at 50 mph. If that's true, you are over proped - which means that the impeller has way too much pitch. The only way to tell is to pull the pump and get the numbers off the impeller. Of course, that's assuming that the engine is in tip-top shape... Ron

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