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    97 seadoo speedster jet boat twin 85hp engines Problems Can You Help

    Just drained my tank filled up with 93 octance gas I pulled all the plugs cranked motor no oil coming out the hole all new 4 plugs.

    I cranked up my right engine meaning the right start button it cranked i gave it the throttle I could here it rev up good. I shut it off. I cranked up the left engine meaning the left start button it cranked up it didnt sound as lound as the right engine so then i gave it throttle and it didnt rev up it just ran idle. Thats prob why when my friend took it out after putting in the cab kits he said sometimes it would take off but most time not the left engine not rev up...

    What could this be just trying not to have to take it to sea doo pay 300-400 bucks if it could be something simple.....


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    I assume you are saying that the carbs were just worked on, correct? If so, make sure the lines to the carbs are not switched on that left engine. On the 717 both fuel supply and fuel return are the same size and they will often run on the return line but not rev up, or rev sometimes.

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    did you do a compression check on the engine that wont come off idle sounds to me like it is running on one cylinder you may have a burnt piston usually the pto goes bad in this engine or the back cylinder if it isnt the carb lines being hooked up wrong is it backfiring thru the carbs any if it is this then it is some work and some money but nothing you cant do. check the compression and let us know

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