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    anyone use the motoman break in on their ski's?

    doing it as soon as i can get to the water. Just droppin it in and going to town on her as soon as i can get past the no wake.

    Changing the oil/filter as soon as i pull her back to the house after.

    Anyone use this on their new motors?

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    everything I own Dirtbike ski car yes

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    Same here.

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    Yep, did my Ultra150 and R-12x that way. Ultra had 104 hours when sold, never any problems & ran like new when sold. R-12x is at 89 hours as of this weekend and runs great, oil level doesn't go up or down between changes.

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    glad to hear it! regarding hard break in on a new turbo motor... should u run this up to about 5500rpm while trying to keep the boost at 0?

    Or is it ok to just 3/4 throttle it about 3/4 through the rev range?

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    bump... anyone? anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoK View Post
    bump... anyone? anyone?
    i no with a turbo engine you dont break them in like you would anything eles because they are n/a. i cant remember what its call but if you give it a hard time you can fuk the compression from the boost that your running. but i could be wrong im only saying this beacase when i rebuilt my motor in my supra i have boost at the lowest point which was 4 psi and i had a rev limiter at 5000rpm and i was only ment to take it up to 5k in 3rd maybe once every 10 times due to the size of the turbo. if you no what i mean. so in other words dont come on boost much and a cruzing wount hurt you but neveer stay on a stable rpm eg dont just hold ur trolltle so far that it just sits on 4000rpm. be random with it and every so offten open it up for a few sounds.

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