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    Protection while docked

    I live in Maryland and my brother and I like to take our Skis to the local resturants. Most of them don't have slips for JetSkis. However, our skis seem to get beat to hell when they drift under the pier and waves slam them upwards.

    What do you guys do to protect both the top and sides of your skis when you have them tied up? Photos would be great.

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    something like this should work. depending on what kind of ski you have, certain brands have particular ones, for example, sea doo sells these.

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    Suction cups fall off. I wouldn't use them.

    Tie up between the slips with snubbers or try these...

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    I have the Jet Logic bumpers, work great for just leaving the ski at the dock when I go to get the trailer, the suction cups are pretty strong. However, I wouldn't rely on them for extended periods of time.

    Before I had them I had the RXP at the dock and I went to go get the trailer. When I came back there were 3 290+lb people standing on the opposite side of the dock trying to get out of their party barge. This lifted the dock up so the ski went underneath and the metal of the dock cut deep scratches through the gel coat, they just looked at it and didn't bother to fix the problem. I was so pissed I almost pushed them in to see if they floated. Oh yeah, that was a month after I brought it home from the dealer. \Rant

    But yeah, the Jet Logics are nice because they are long enough to cover the top of the ski to protect it from idiots who put all the weight on one side of the dock. Oh yeah, they're only $16!

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