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    95 SL 750 carb adj

    New to the Hulk Recently changed my fuel pump to a mukini 3 pump and I'm looking for the initail carb settings for the high and low settings. I am running premix due to a PTO piston hole by the previous owner. I realize I will have to fine tune the low setting.

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Click here for the 1992-1998 Polaris Service Manual

    Carb settings are listed.

    Also check for applicable Service Bulletins

    Piston hole is caused by insufficient fuel delivery to the cylinder, usually a dirty carb or other fuel system problem.

    Oil problems would not cause a holed piston.

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    Thank's K447
    After changing to the Mukini triple the PTO cylinder began receiving fuel. (Spark plug was wet). The seller informed me of weak compression and thats when I found out the piston had a hole and the cylinder was not getting any fuel. I intended on rebuilding the carbs but I rounded off one of the nuts on the center carb. I have tried everything to get the nut to break free but I guess I'm doing something wrong. Vise-grips don't seem to help. I will be changing the piston out here shortly, just waiting on the part to arrive. Ski's in great shape otherwise and I have to get it going because it's the Queen's!

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    which nut did you round off?

    Under the carb rail 12mm

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    Welcome to the Hulk Hawk.

    Remove the autocok if it's still installed.

    Make sure the restrictor is installed in the return hose.

    May want to replace the fuel hoses due to age.

    Also clean/inspect the petcock.

    Clean/rebuild the carbs at this time too.

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    It was the 12MM under the center carb.

    fuel lines are new and I will clean the fuel shut off valve. I was told the carbs had been gone thru before but the seller could not tell me exactly when.

    Ski ran fine when I first bought it even with the small hole in the PTO piston. A little hesitation taken off but it seemed to clear up after running new fuel and putting on the Mukini triple pump.

    Maybe I can get a better angle on the rounded nut when I remove the PTO cylinder to change the bad piston. I still don't know how I rounded it off, all other 12MM nuts came off easy.

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