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    Best cover for 08 15f

    Hey guys,

    I bought a Jettribe cover last year and it didn't hold up well. Jettribe said there cover was fade resistant and waterproof. It faded within 6 months and When it rained a little the footwells were full of water. Also got a lot of mildew around the handle bars and glove box.

    I am keeping my 08 and my wife's 08 (on its way) outside up in No CA. Its sits in the open no porch covering. Get sun about half the day.

    Anyone have a recommendation?

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    the OEM cover is the best, Riva also makes one that looks pretty good.

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    I tried a couple of the aftermarket covers and they just don't have the quaility that a O.E. cover has. Go ahead and spend the extra $$$ and get a O.E. cover . They might be a bit harder to put on but its well worth it in the long run. And they don't fade either..

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    The OEM cover is the way to go. I even tow with it over gravel roads at 60 mph and have had no issues.

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    thanks guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stewart View Post
    thanks guys.
    let me know if you need one i got an 07

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