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Thread: True level?

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    True level?

    I've read about the importance of having the ski level during oil check and change. Thing is, I've noticed that when my ski is in the water and still (and certainly while under power and moving) the ski sits lower in the rear than it does in the front.

    In other words the water-line is not parrallel to the bumper trim and the bumper trim is what is used to determine level condition from what I've read.

    So I what am I missing? Why is this the preferred method for determining level condition?

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    sitting in the water with no rider on it (tied to a dock) is about as level as youre gonna get it.. try to check oil level from the dock and not straddling over the engine compartment for the best reading, or sitting on a trailer, try to get it as level as you can

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    I stick a bubble level on the rub rail about mid ski and use the tongue jack to level the ski. Works perfect.

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    Would it be a better idea to put the level on the engine?

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    I'm guessing not. I'm sure that the sump is designed with the orientation of the boat in mind. But then, they are all over the place when you are riding in chop, so I have no idea what would be most correct.

    I'm inclined to believe that sitting in the water unloaded would be the most correct but unfortunately I don't live on the water and thus have no choice but to check it in the garage for now.

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    level on the rubrail is so easy and accurate.
    on the trailer is accepted best paractice.
    but whatever way you do it, if you di it the same way every time then your oil level is consistent. as long as the ski is near level you are good.
    i DO level mine on the trailer so its pretty dead level.

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    You have to remember that a tech at the dealer is not going to put the ski in the water to check the oil level. A level on the rub rail is what the Service Manual suggests... Ron

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