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Thread: Milled head?

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    Milled head?

    When i bought my 96xp back in the day it had a milled head that ran about 165psi in each hole. I since deto my engine and messed that head up after putting on a spec 2. Im kicking around having ppg mill my head to 170psi and .070 squish they state that is there level 1 kit mod. I have a stocker on my ski right now and it blows 145psi in each hole. When you have the head milled i know that you increase compression along with throttle responce but do you gain any extra top end rpms?


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    Sometimes. There is a fine line between too much compression not allowing it to rev out versus prop pitch too. With 170 it should increase your max rpms though. Guys running 230 lbs of compression...probably not.

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