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    Air compressor broke, need to repair it sale

    OK I was cleaning out my garage and wanted to use some compressed air to blow debris out of some drawers on the work bench. Turned on the ever so dependable (until Sunday) craftsman air compressor.....

    Buzz crack snap poof...... The compressor motor decided it was it's time to leave. It let the spirit go with a flash, some arc welding and a poof. Now I sit with a tank and a boat anchor for a motor off of the compressor.

    I would like to unload some parts to pay for the repair at the same time I am willing to make concessions to help you all out too.

    I have all kinds of stock oem parts off of my 2005 gpr all of which fit every GPR in one form or another. EFI parts wont work with Carburated models obviously..

    stock handle bars with QSTS shifter and oem grips10 TREEMONEY HAS DIBBS

    steering assembly (neck) minus the tab or short stem 15

    air box assembly, minus intake tubes 10

    OEM Reed Cages, good stock oem reeds, with R&D Stuffers 99.00

    Stock Ride Plate 22

    Plastic oem nozzle, steering 1

    R&D Automatic Drop Nozzle , uses Oem steering ring 130

    oem throttle assembly black plastic 10

    OEM Prop , Super clean had to use it once no dings looks new.. Less than hour on it. 69

    Concord 12/18 impeller repitched to 13/19
    AN Ideal prop for boats from 1999-2004 with the "old" style pumps. 99

    Stepped / Slotted oem sponsons 20

    Make offers on my GENERAL Area stuff too..

    Terms: Paypal + 3% to cover fees. Shipping is included HENCE THE SALE !!!!.. Shipping will be USPS to the lower 48 states. Actual shipping for anyone outside the area. I'll ship anywhere, just overseas stuff take a bit to do due to the customs paperwork and contact info required.
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    I'll take the handle bars with the QSTS Shifter as long as the white tube hasn't been cut off of it. PM SENT

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    You have a stock 85mm nozzle off that 05'?

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    Sorry woody sent it out to the west coast a few weeks ago..

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